New York, 1983. Or rather, Bongoville. You see, it’s been
14 years since the refugees of the Delta Dimension arrived
to this place. And a couple of things have changed.

Join us on the adventures of Kautsky and Frantz, the dapper
earth wizard and his alien dragon friend. Watch as historic
events and conflicts get re-shaped by the magic and
technology of new extra-dimensional cultures.

Bongoville #4 – In Search of the Lost Party

As soon as Kautsky and Frantz are back in Bongoville, chaos
strikes again: Someone organized a party on Kautsky’s roof,
and made a big mess of it! That’s not ok. With the help of
the top detective Harelock Holmes, they will surely find the
culprit. Or will they?

Bongoville #3 – Jungle Juice

Kautsky and Frantz have to find the juice of an alien plant
in Central America. They are assisted by Ludwig, a wizard
friend, and a special american military command.

Russian agents, broken robots, suspicious locals, and
psychedelic adventures await our friends in the jungle.

Bongoville #2 – Origins

Kautsky takes a nap when he unexpectedly gets a visit from
the elven elite of Bongoville. Korengal hasn’t quite
forgiven him for the incident with the cigarette demon, and
asks him for a small favor. Also: Where do the elves come
from, what is the Delta dimension, and where is Bongoville?

Bongoville #1 – The Cigarette Demon

Far above the streets of Bongoville, the magician Kautsky
lives on the roof of a skyscraper. Together with his dragon
Frantz, he conjures monsters and objects that sometimes do
not correspond to his ideas. This includes a cigarette that
unexpectedly gains in size and leaves behind a raid of
destruction in the inner city.

Who draws and writes Bongoville?

Comics about Bongoville, written and illustrated by Michael Maurer.

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